The REAL Academy instructors have a range of backgrounds that support operational abilities that connect with a whole community.

Teachers With Vision

Our Instructors

Our instructors are active social workers, former program managers, law enforcement officers, attorneys, and state trainers.

Head Instructor/REAL Founder

Dr. Kevin Marino

Dr. Marino is the founder of the REAL Academy and oversees curriculum development to make sure it is effective and relevant.

Legal Advisor & Court Procedings

Susan F. Davis, JD

Our in-house legal expert. She assists us with interpreting law and policy. She teaches social workers from the court’s perspective.

CPS Instructor

Dee Hunt

Dee Hunt has decades of experience training by the state of NC standards. She is passionate about equipping social workers.

Children & Families Instructor

Matt Hill

Matt offers a focus on behavioral health and has years of experience developing curriculum that connects to real life.

DSS Instructor

Dr. Angela Pittman

Dr. Pittman is one of our consultants and DSS instructors. She coaches agency and department leaders to build healthy organizations 

Lean Six Sigma Instructor

Ryan Fogarty

Ryan offers efficiency in the hopes that DSS agencies will take on a continuous improvement aim. Also helping direct course development.