Course Category: Prerequisite

The Behavioral Branch

Meet the Instructor The Behavioral Branch, while inspired by forensics and critical thinking, is really the brainchild of Dr. Marino and his team at the REAL Academy. You will find this information useful on an everyday basis. Dr. Kevin Marino REAL Academy Founder Find more of Dr. Marino’s courses on the “All Courses” page.

The Good Call Tool

Meet the Instructor Ryan’s background is based in strategy and process improvement. Together with Dr. Marino they developed this simple and clear tool for working cases and processing the facts in an efficient way with less errors. Ryan Fogarty Director of Engagement Find more of Ryan’s courses on the “All Courses” page. All of our instructors …

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Understanding Bias

This course is all about explaining what bias is and how it can interfere with our case work and producing objective outcomes for our clients. There are many types of bias but this course will zero in on 5 of the most common. In future courses we plan to go deeper and share more about …

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Code of Ethics

This course is a prerequisite and foundational to the entire population of classes in our academy. In this course Dr. Marino explains the importance of adhering to a code of ethics in social work. The REAL Academy uses the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics as a guide to making wise decisions …

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