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Reflective Supervision

Meet the Instructors Dr. Marino and Pittman go through the need for Reflective Supervision in Social Services and how it can improve our internal workings to better serve the community. Plus, you will even see the tools in action. Dr. Kevin Marino REAL Academy Founder Dr. Angie Pittman DSS Instructor

Eco Maps

Meet the Instructor Matt Hill truly enjoys offering useful tools that add value to the Child Welfare system to ultimately build up healthy families. The Eco Maps course is designed to do just that. You will find Matt’s guidance super practical and immediately useful. Matt Hill Children & Families Instructor Find more of Matt Hill’s …

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Substance Abuse Maltreatment Type

Meet the Instructor The REAL Academy is launching courses for each maltreatment type in Child Welfare. Dr. Kevin Marino digs into the science behind substance abuse, the typical behaviors of those who overuse, and how to process a case that involves this type of maltreatment. Dr. Kevin Marino REAL Academy Founder Find more of Dr. …

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Clarifying Your Case: The Nexus

Coming Soon! This Course is under construction currently. We are excited to be building something that helps you more effectively handle investigations. Meet the Instructor Dr. Kevin Marino is passionate about helping social workers improve in their investigative skills. He loves to educate on simple tools that can be used in the field or in …

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Solution Cards

Meet the Instructor Matt has been teaching social workers and counselors on how and when to use Solutions Cards when working with children and families. Matt Hill Children & Families Instructor Find more of Matt’s courses on the “All Courses” page.

The Good Call Tool

Meet the Instructor Ryan’s background is based in strategy and process improvement. Together with Dr. Marino they developed this simple and clear tool for working cases and processing the facts in an efficient way with less errors. Ryan Fogarty Director of Engagement Find more of Ryan’s courses on the “All Courses” page. All of our instructors …

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